Install OSX86 on G31M3-F

I bought some barebones cases off newegg, and they work perfect with OSX once you load a DSDT modified BIOS.

This is just to record my steps for myself and others who need it!

1. Prepare and install special BIOS

1a. Get BIOS Updater (only exe) + BIOS File

1b. Copy onto bootable USB Flash drive loaded with win98 via HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

1c. Install using “AFUD4310 A7258IMS.120” at the cmd prompt

2. Prepare HDD

2a. Create empty space on your disk. I use Gparted LiveCD to do my partitioning.

2b. Boot into windows (there may be a better way, but haven’t found it yet) and launch a cmd prompt.

2b1. Open DiskPart. Type DISKPART hit Enter

2b2. Type list disk

2b3. select disk <desired hdd #>

2b4. list part

2b5. create partition primary id=af

2b6. exit

3. Installing OSX86 iAtkos v7

3a. Boot with cd inserted, press F11 to enter boot menu and select dvd drive

3b. Select Default options + VGA driver you need (nVidia DVI/DVI for me)

4. Boot with chameleon. If using a quadcore, you need to boot with cpus=1. There may be a fix